Nature's NOG
 An Organic Plant Growth Stimulant
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Frequently Asked Questions and
Frequently Given Answers About Nature’s NOG

What is the best application rate for most plants?

Nature's NOG at 2 ounces of CONCENTRATE per gallon of water can be used on flowers, vegetables, shrubs and grasses. At this concentration, all the hormones, enzymes, chelants, and mironutrients that a plant might need are available. Apply a light spray on the foliage or seeds or use as a soil drench and the individual plants will take what they require.

Why is the application rate “2 oz/gallon”?

The concentrated product is formulated to allow a mix ratio that is easy to handle in real-life and ensures the right amount of active ingredients and hormones. The Nature's NOG formula allows for some mixing flexibility and is very economical to use. A more concentrated formula could lead to mixing problems and overuse. You may have heard that "More is Better". That is incorrect. When dealing with growth stimulant hormones, the right amount is always best.

When should Nature's NOG be applied?

Nature's NOG works well at all the major times of stress: germination, blooming, fruit-bearing and dormancy. Seeds that are treated will germinate 3-10 days earlier than untreated seeds. Plants can be shocked and damaged during transplanting and moving, so fortify the plant by treating with a spray of Nature's NOG solution 1or 2-days before transplanting. Transplants may be dipped into the NOG solution to accelerate root growth. Seedlings should be sprayed every two weeks during the growth period. Spray when you see blossoms and early fruit to enhance the fertility and fruitfulness.

Nature's NOG can be used throughout the growing season for flowers, vegetables, shrubs and turf. When applicable, plants should be sprayed prior to entering dormancy and after the transition in spring.

Nature's NOG is excellent as a foliar spray for both young and mature plants. Nature's NOG may be used in combination with fertilizers and pesticides.

What results can you expect?

Nature's NOG has been especially designed to enhance root formation, increase a plant's vascular strength, promote greener color and reduce the effects of stress on plants. Healthy plants with deep roots can better resist the conditions of drought. NOG enhances the growth cycle of plants, especially during the stressful periods. It promotes increased resistance to insect disease and mildews. Nature's NOG promotes healthier vine growth and better female flowering.

Professionals have found that they need about 20% less fertilizer and less water. Sucking insects are retarded. Nematode infestations have been reduced.

Why should I use a special sprayer for “NOG ONLY”?

We do not want you to accidentally put NOG into a sprayer that has been used with weed-killer because it will activate any residue. Nurserymen and Golf Course Superintendents use their spray equipment to apply other kinds of chemicals in addition to Nature's NOG, but they are certified professionals. Nature's NOG is a regular addition to professional spray programs for liquid fertilizers and fungicides and improves absorption and translocation.

Is Nature’s NOG available in larger sizes?

Yes, we have supplied it in drums and in 5-gallon pails for special customers. Nature's NOG Granular is available by the ton as a pallet with 40 x 50 lb. bags. The one ton "bulk-bag" is not standard, but can be ordered with certain minimums.

Can Nature’s NOG be used for hydroseeding?

Yes. As long as your operator will allow the seed to soak in NOG for 5 minutes before adding the rest of the recipe, then you will really see a nice bump in seed performance. Dr. Senn did a hydroseeding experiment in 2005, which you can read about here (PDF).

Can I use Nature's NOG with the products that contain grass seed in paper?

Dr. Senn did a very detailed experiment last year with a paper-fiber & seed product called BlueYellow. The results proved that the more seed would germinate, grow faster and grow much larger root systems when the sheet was wet one time with Nature's NOG. The experiment is available for download here (PDF).

What precautions need to be taken?

Nature's NOG is a totally organic, natural compound that is environmentally safe and completely non-toxic to humans, animals, and fish. Shake the Nature's NOG container thoroughly before every application. Use only the amount suggested (more is not always better). Provide even and equal distribution of Nature's NOG to the plant.

Where can I purchase Nature's NOG?

Nature's NOG can be purchased from our order page. Nature's NOG can also be purchased from your local representative or from the manufacturer. Click on the Contact Us link for your local representative and manufacturer contact information.

I have specific questions on how to use Nature's NOG in my situation

Dr." Tee" has helped many gardeners who raise a certain plant as a specialty. Whether it is acorn germination, propagation of azaleas, speeding wild millet growth or saving an apple orchard, he enjoys the challenge of helping a fellow horticulturist. So, if you have been unable to find an answer to your specific question about using Nature's NOG, then please feel free email us at, or use our contact form.

Mother Nature provides the ideal organic nutrients, Seaweed and Humate, and Nature's NOG combines them into a concentrated liquid growth stimulant that

  • speeds germination and early growth
  • enhances root growth and hardiness
  • increases the health, strength and beauty of your plants.

Mother Nature has generously provided the natural organic sources of hormones, enzymes and chelants.  Seaweed from the North Sea and humate from high-quality deposits in Utah are the two best sources known to science and horticulture.

Nature's NOG Liquid and Nature's NOG Granular are safe and environmentally friendly because the two natural ingredients are non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Nature’s NOG is easy and economical to use.  Simply mix 2 ounces of the concentrate with a gallon of water.  Spray your plants periodically and watch them grow more vibrant and robust   Use the solution to wet seeds and speed the germination and early growth of all your flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.  Drench ailing plants to restore them to health and hardiness.

Natures NOG was created and refined by a well-known scientist, researcher, educator and horticulturist.  After forty years of research and hundreds of lab and field tests, Dr. Senn knows the positive impact certain seaweed extracts and humates can have on plant growth.

Benefits of Nature’s NOG:

  • Gives a dramatically quicker upstart with faster maturity.
  • Creates a healthy, deep green appearance
  • Provides denser roots, thicker stalks, and more lateral growth
  • Creates a vibrant, robust plant that withstands the rigors of handling and shipping.
  • Requires less fertilizer and less care.

Nature’s Own Plant Growth Stimulant

Scientifically developed by Dr. T.L.Senn
Head Professor Emeritus
Department of Horticulture, Clemson University
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